OUR PASSION We are here to make change, to help you focus on the small things while keeping an eye on the greater goals. The right space can help you to be more productive, foster time with your friends and family, or calm you after a stressful day. The theory of Prospect Refuge is one of creating your most ideal habitat. A place where you feel safe, yet connected to the world. The things you surround yourself with can affect the direction of your life, and we are here to help you shape that direction.

While the big picture is always on our minds, we never underestimate the power of a cozy corner, a reading nook, a simple shelf of memories. These details are opportunities to remind you of who you are, and who you try to be every day. We create sanctuaries, build havens within an exciting world. We'd love to be your guide in bringing balance and wholeness to your space. 



Prospect Refuge Studio

victoria sass 

Owner and Principal Designer

An award winning and classically trained interior designer, Victoria founded PRS in 2015. After nearly a decade of experience, she opened the studio as a place of creativity, taking on diverse residential and commercial design projects. Her personal aesthetic channels a childhood in the bohemian surf town of Santa Cruz and an architectural and design education in Copenhagen. A midwesterner at heart, she now lives in the East Isles neighborhood of Minneapolis, raising two well-loved children.

Prospect Refuge Studio

Bethany wrede peterson

Director of Business Development

Bethany comes to Prospect Refuge Studio after years in the London luxury interior design industry. She holds an MBA in Architectural Management and studied Art History and Design in Edinburgh, Madrid, and New York.  Bethany brings to the PRS team her passion for bespoke craftsmanship, British eccentricity, and steadfast ethos of old world hospitality. In between running marathons, you can find her renovating an historic schoolhouse in Stillwater, where she lives with her expat husband and their two pampered cats. 

Prospect Refuge Studio

carrie valentine

Interior Stylist & Marketing

Before joining PRS, Carrie was the owner of Valentine Wood, an antiques shop in South Minneapolis. She brings with her a depth of knowledge and a breadth of experiences that range from photographer to sommelier, set stylist to event planner. She is currently studying architecture at MCTC and occasionally hosts art events in her burgeoning gallery space. Her curated style and passion for authenticity transcend trends and convention. Recently engaged, she is happily planning for the next chapter in life. Congrats Carrie!