In the late spring Georgia O'Keefe and resident chef, Margaret Wood would walk together and admire the scented locust blossoms that would hang over the adobe wall. As one would expect, Georgia's reverence for nature entered her kitchen and the boundaries would blur. Fried flowers become a significant springtime offering in the household. If you pay attention in the coming months, a sweet pea scent wafts even in the city air and it may be your chance to try fried flowers too.

From A Painter's Kitchen, Georgia O'Keefe & Margaret Wood

2-  washed 4 - 5 inch blooming locust springs

1 egg, separated and beaten whites

1 ½ tablespoons milk

1 tablespoon unbleached flower

dash of salt

2 tablespoons oil

Honey , to taste, as a topping

Combine egg yolk, milk, flour, and salt till smooth. Fold liquid into the egg white and set aside. Heat oil over low flame. Gently dip each locust sprig in the batter and brown flower in oil. Rotate the flowers until golden brown. Serve immediately with a garnish of honey. 

Prospect Refuge Studio - Georgia O'keefe
February 2018Victoria Sass