Prospect Refuge Studio

I was 12 years old and standing at the trailhead of the Superior hiking trail with nothing but a backpack full of food and an extra pair of wool socks. Leading up to camp that summer I received a letter of all the things to pack and as strongly as sunscreen was encouraged, leaving all traces of time at home was too. For weeks that summer I had no concept of the ante meridiem-post meridian pace and relied on only the sun's cycle and the cues from the people around me. We ate when the group was collectively hungry and went to bed as fast as the sun set. And when you have nothing to do but walk, you keep your eye's gaze focused on your feet and you get to know the earth. It was then that I fell in love with the subtleties of moss. A plant that clings to the earth and craws wherever its conditions have led it. It's vivd and unassuming- quiet and a most beautiful color. 


April 2018Victoria Sass