I discovered John Pawson in a naïve, impressionable phase of my late teens. I had little predispositions of what was deemed 'good' or 'bad' in terms of architecture and taste. But when I saw the images of the Abbey of Our Lady of Nový Dvur I felt the space. I could image what it felt like to interact with the cloistered halls and lastly felt the need to one day stand in them. I had never heard of him before and had never seen anything like them on the usual pile of coffeetable-laden shelter magazines. My first experience was a pure attraction as much as his work contemplates the purity of lines. As I have studied, observed and experienced more contemporary dwellings I still reminisce on the day I discovered the Abbey of Our Lady of Nový Dvur. Although we shouldn't base all of our tastes on others opinions- we also shouldn't abandon that intrinsic, gut instinct.

-Carrie, Designer at Prospect Refuge

Prospect Refuge Studio - John Pawson
January 2018Victoria Sass